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Comprehensive dental restorations are a critical part of maintaining a healthy smile following dental damage or decay. At Palmer Dental Group, Dr. Scott Palmer and his associates offer a number of restorative dental treatment options to help patients of all ages regain health, function, and aesthetics. 

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Routine wear and tear, as well as accidental trauma and decay, can take a toll on different parts of the smile, weakening the overall health. Regardless of the cause, ignoring these problems and failing to restore damaged teeth can leave patients vulnerable to the development of additional health problems that ultimately require more extensive restoration. 

Neglecting restorative dental care can also compromise a patient’s dental function, making it more difficult to complete basic oral functions like chewing, biting, speaking, or swallowing. With this in mind, finding the most appropriate restorative treatment for your unique needs is key to maintaining a healthy and functional smile. 

Your Dental Restoration Options

There are several factors that go into choosing the right restoration for your smile. While some patients may need extensive rehabilitation with implant-supported bridges, others with minimal damage are often able to achieve results with crowns or composite fillings.

At Palmer Dental Group, our Wichita dentists use advanced technology to help patients create a restorative treatment plan that fulfills all of their unique needs. Depending on current oral health status, extent of damage, and the patient’s ultimate smile goals, personalized restorative treatment plans may include one or more of the following dental restorations:

Composite Fillings: This tooth-colored resin is used to fill in cracks or chips in teeth. For minor cavities, fillings are an excellent, minimally invasive option that provides patients with an aesthetic restoration alternative to amalgam or metal fillings. 

Crowns: Following root canal therapy, crowns can be used to reinforce vulnerable teeth. Made of highly durable porcelain, crowns cover the entire tooth and are made to blend in seamlessly with neighboring teeth. At our Wichita dental practice, porcelain crowns can also be made to be placed on dental implants, providing patients with natural looking tooth replacement. 

Porcelain Bridges: In the event of a missing or extracted tooth/teeth, bridges present a natural, multi-tooth restoration option for patients not ready for dental implants. With this treatment, the false tooth is supported by crowns which are attached to adjacent healthy teeth. Similar to crowns, bridges are made of porcelain, providing patients with a reliable teeth replacement option that looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth. 

Partials and Dentures: Some patients may need teeth replacement solution for the entire arch. For these individuals, partial and full dentures are an affordable option for replacing different amounts of missing teeth. For patients looking to stabilize existing full-arch restorations, Palmer Dental Group can secure dentures to the jaw with dental implants. 

Learn More about Dental Restorations Today

Our Wichita dentists at Palmer Dental Group are committed to providing patients with dental treatments that improve their entire smiles. Our restorative treatment options are tailored to address current dental problems while preventing additional issues from compromising the overall health of the dentition. For more information about dental restorations in Wichita, contact Palmer Dental Group today. 

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