Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Haysville

In some cases, a beautiful smile comes from a process of surgical intervention that removes an issue, replaces missing bone, or otherwise restores compromised dental structure. Palmer Family Dental provides oral maxillofacial surgery in Haysville, KS. Our team is dedicated to restoring oral health.

Patients in Haysville, Wichita, Derby, and across Sedgwick County can make an appointment for a surgical evaluation today.

Building Healthy, Long-Lasting Smiles

The goal of oral surgery is to eliminate disease, conserve oral structure, maintain function, and preserve esthetics. Dr. Scott Palmer is greatly experienced in helping patients achieve optimal oral health following procedures involving structural augmentation. Palmer Family Dentistry offers the following procedures:

Sinus lifts add more bone to the upper jaw between the maxillary sinuses, located on both sides of the nose. This is necessary when a person experience bone loss due to periodontal disease or losing molars or premolars. Adequate bone is necessary for dental implant placement for improved success.

Wisdom teeth extractions, as well as extractions for impacted teeth, are often necessary to maintain both hygiene and ideal bone structure. Wisdom teeth are often not necessary and can provide many benefits when removed.

Ridge Augmentation is commonly performed to build lost bone following an extraction or due to decay. This is necessary to preserve the strength of the jaw bone when considering dental implants

Alveoloplasty involves repairing the bone at the alveolar area, that is, at the location where the jaw curves. This can be used in conjunction with an extraction procedure to guide the healing process or as a preliminary procedure to receiving dentures to make them more suitable for everyday use.

Advanced root canal therapy may be necessary when decay has reached far beyond the dental pulp and down towards the jaw bone. Once jaw bone has been infected, it becomes difficult to perform simple root canals without addressing the decay at the bone as well.

Following instructions following any surgical procedure can greatly improve healing as well as decrease time needed for recovery. Failing to follow instructions can lead to prolonged recovery time or even risk compromising results.

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