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Without prompt replacement, missing or severely damaged teeth can seriously compromise an individual’s oral and overall health. While bridges and dentures may provide immediate solutions, these options lacks the longevity and health benefits needed to keep a smile healthy and functional.

At Palmer Dental Group, implant dentist Dr. Scott Palmer offers comprehensive dental implant placement and restoration for Wichita and Haysville patients. Beginning with your first exam through your final follow-up visit, our team is committed to ensuring you receive exceptional care and lasting results. 

What is a Dental Implant?

Made up of three unique components, dental implants are a revolutionary alternative to traditional tooth loss solutions such as bridges, or partials and full dentures. Where these traditional options sit above the dentition, dental implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone. This provides patients with a number of advantages, including:

  • Improved Bone Strength: Following tooth loss or extraction, underlying jaw bone begins to deteriorate. Known as resorption, this condition can lessen dental function, spur on additional tooth loss, and damage facial shape, causing the appearance of premature aging. The surgical placement of dental implants stimulates the jaw, similar to how natural teeth roots interact with bone. As a result, implant patients are able to avoid the side effects of resorption.

  • Preserved Bite: In addition to damaging the jaw bone, tooth loss can also have an impact on the neighboring teeth. Neighboring healthy teeth can begin shifting into the gap left by the missing tooth, leading to misalignment and increasing potential TMJ issues. Dental implants serve as a permanent anchor for new teeth, preventing any shifting and preserving the patient’s bite. 

  • Treatment Longevity: Over time, conventional restorations require replacement, leading to additional costs for maintenance and the potential for more extensive care. In contrast, dental implant posts are permanent. In the event of cracked or damaged replacement teeth, only the top restoration needs to be repaired; the post and abutment can be kept in-place. 

  • Consistent Function: Dentures in particular are notorious for moving around at the least opportune times. Additionally, the daily application of denture glue can become time consuming and frustrating. The placement of dental implants provides patient with consistent function all the time, without the need for messy or unpleasant adhesive. 

  • Natural Looking Esthetics: Dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth. As implant restorations are made in a trusted laboratory, patients do not need to worry about their prosthetic looking out of place next to their other teeth. 

Dental Implants at Palmer Dental Group

At our dental implant practice in Wichita, we offer every step of the implant placement and restoration process. Patients receive consistent, compassionate care from a dentist who knows the unique nuances of their smile. 

To learn more about implant dentistry and your dental implant options, contact our Wichita implant dentist at our Haysville dental practice today!


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