Preparation for Dental Implants

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Preliminary Dental Implant Surgery in Haysville

Depending on the condition of the jaw and mouth, patients considering dental implants may need certain preliminary treatments in order to ensure successful implant placement and restoration. In Haysville, Dr. Scott Palmer and his team at Palmer Family Dentistry offer comprehensive implant dentistry, including pre-prosthetic treatments such as bone grafting, sinus lifts, ridge modification, and teeth extraction. By offering these advanced treatments in office, patients are able to enjoy lasting dental implants. 

Who Needs Pre-Implant Surgery?

Successful implant placement depends on the strength and density of the jaw bone. As the main support for this restoration, any bone deficiencies or damage can impact the overall success of the dental implant. Pre-implant treatments help reinforce the strength of the bone, increasing the likelihood of treatment success. As a result, pre-implant surgeries such as bone grafts, sinus lifts, and ridge modifications are often recommended for individuals with weakened bones as a result of trauma or resorption.

In other instances, dental implants are being used to replace teeth still in the mouth. For these individuals, extraction is needed to make room for the new tooth and to remove any damaged tissue that might endanger the implant. Extraction can also be combined with other pre-implant treatments to ensure lasting implant success. 

Types of Preliminary Implant Surgeries

At Palmer Family Dentistry, we believe consistency in care is a key component to achieving improved oral health. By offering all parts of the implant treatment process, including the preliminary implant treatments in our Haysville dental practice, patients receive the advantage of continued care from the same dentists.

During your implant consultation, our Haysville dentists will use advanced dental diagnostic tools to evaluate the condition of the bone and determine whether preliminary surgery will be needed before your dental implants are placed. Based on his findings, Dr. Palmer may recommend one or more of the following procedures to ensure implant success:

Extraction: For patients pursuing dental implants to replace a severely damaged or decayed tooth, the existing tooth must first be extracted. 

Bone Grafting: Recommended when gum disease, caries, or trauma has caused bone loss in the jaw, bone grafting involves the addition of donor tissue to the deficient area. Over the course of recovery, this additional bone tissue fuses to the rest of the jaw, stimulating additional bone growth and improved density.

Sinus Lift: In some instances, bone deterioration of the upper jaw bone causes the space between the oral and sinus cavities to thin,preventing successful implant placement. Sinus lifts can be used to add bone to the upper jaw by the molars and premolars, ensuring the eventual implants will not puncture the sinus cavity.

Ridge Modification: Gum disease, trauma, and the prior use of dentures can also leave patients with an uneven bone line that is both unaesthetic and difficult to clean. Ridge modification helps eliminate this inconsistency by rebuilding the ridge with donated bone tissue. 

Recovery from Pre-Implant Surgery

During the recovery period following bone treatment, Dr. Palmer will monitor the condition of the bone, ensuring proper integration of any donated tissue as well as proper healing. As you heal, we will begin planning your implant placement procedure, ensuring the transition between treatments is seamless. 

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Healthy bone structure plays a significant role in ensuring successful, lasting dental implants. At Palmer Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing our patients with the treatments needed to succeed. For more information about pre-implant surgery as well as dental implants, please contact our Haysville implant dentist today to schedule your consultation. 


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